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TETRA replacement spending concerns Tynwald

POSTED today at 7:21 pm by Manx Radio

A bid to spend almost £5 million on a new TETRA communication system for the Isle of Man has been put on hold. The system is used by the emergency...

Confusion over Robertshaw's role

POSTED today at 2:37 pm

There appears to be confusion among Tynwald members over the role of the Policy and Reform Minister. Chief Minister Allan Bell has been questioned about what legal powers Chris Robertshaw has in his position as the Minister concerned. Members wanted to know whether Mr Robertshaw had the same rights as every other minister. Mr Bell said his appointment was an honest attempt to streamline government, and he had every confidence in the new system. Mr Bell gave members an overview of the minister's role: Onchan MHk Peter Karran accused the council of ministers of making the law up as they went along. [11:13] Clip 1

IOM Bank accused of rudeness in closure of branches

POSTED today at 2:31 pm

The Isle of Man Bank had been accused of being 'very rude' in the way it handled the closure of some of its branches. In Tynwald this morning North Douglas MHK John Houghton wanted to know why the bank hadn't given Treasury department more notice about its plans. Treasury minister Eddie Teare confirmed he and his officers had a meeting with bank management on Monday October 6th. The decision was taken to close branches in Onchan, Prospect Terrace and Ballasalla the next day. Mr Houghton said there should have been more consultation, but Mr Teare said the bank was under no obligation to do so. Mr Houghton then wanted an assurance that government would take over the Isle of Man Bank if it was shed by parent company the Royal Bank of Scotland...

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