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Peel fisherman recalls sub ordeal

POSTED yesterday at 8:40 pm by Manx Radio

A fishing boat which tangled with an underwater submarine this week has brought memories flooding back for a fisherman from Peel. Geoffrey Comber says...

Spring Valley business declared safe

POSTED yesterday at 2:31 pm

Police have reopened the area around a business in Braddan this lunchtime after a car drove into it. A silver Mini hit the front of Office World on the Spring Valley Industrial Estate just before midday, when it’s thought its driver fell ill. The crash damaged the front of the building, and police sealed off the area while a structural engineer inspected the site. Nobody was hurt during the incident.

Are submarines a risk to Manx shipping?

POSTED yesterday at 2:29 pm

Does a NATO exercise in the Irish Sea off our North coast mean marine traffic is at risk? Yesterday, a Northern Irish fishing vessel was dragged backwards when it tangled what’s thought to be a submarine off the Calf of Mann. So far though, no allied country has admitted its vessel was involved, heightening speculation it may have been a Russian sub observing the manoeuvres. Captain Stephen Carter of the Laxey Towing Company says he suspects a NATO vessel would have stopped:Clip 1

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