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Sculpture and Semi-Abstract Painting - A mixed show by Sayle Gallery Artists

by Lisa Corkish

Sculpture and Semi-Abstract Painting - A mixed show by Sayle Gallery Artists

Eleven Sayle Gallery Artists have contributed to this mixed exhibition which opens on Friday 7 September and runs until Sunday 30 September.
Once again the Gallery’s Artists have risen to the challenge and submitted works which, for some, diverge from their usual styles.  ‘Semi-Abstract’ is a term which refers to paintings in which the subject remains recognisable although the forms are highly stylised, and the artists responded to this theme and produced new works accordingly.  


Brigid Stowell, who is exhibiting four new pieces, describes her work: 


“These new works are a continuation of my paintings of the streets of Douglas and I was interested in simplifying the familiar landscape and landmarks yet still creating a recognisable depiction of the area.  In my paintings of the Quay, I’ve taken this further – investigating the juxtaposition of the old familiar landmarks with tall, imposing new ones, which many people find uncomfortable and ‘unnatural’.  I suppose you could call it a representation of an ever-changing manmade landscape – new and old, side-by-side”.


Alongside the paintings, a selection of ceramic sculpture by Manos Kalamenios and Colleen Corlett is on display.
Other artists who are taking part are Jelana Benson, Bruno Cavellec, Nancy Corkish, Alan Croll, James Duggan Gillian Hinds, Andrea Jeavons, and Rosi Robinson.
Location: The Sayle Gallery, Villa Marina Arcade, 1-3 Harris Promenade, Douglas, IM1 2HN
Opening times: 10am – 5pm Tue – Sat, 1.30 – 4.30pm Sundays, 1pm – 5pm Mondays
Admission: FREE
Telephone: 01624 674557

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