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Heritage Talks begin with the Isle of Man in Space

by Lisa Corkish

Heritage Talks begin with the Isle of Man in Space

Last year saw the 50th anniversary of the first man in space, and since that date over 500 persons have orbited our planet.  A few years ago the Isle of Man was acknowledged as being the fifth most likely nation in the world to return a Man to the Moon! The reasons to why and how is the subject of the first of the Manx National Heritage summer Heritage Talks held in conjunction with Loch Promenade Church, held every Monday in August at 7.45pm.


The speaker will be Howard Parkin, Public Services Manager of MNH and Chairman of the Isle of Man Astronomical Society. Howard will talk about the Isle of Man’s role in the studies of the heavens since ancient Viking times, and lead up to discussing how and why the Island has two space stations based at Jurby that are being prepared to send future space travellers to the Moon in the next few years.


Howard says;


‘I have been fascinated with the subject of astronomy since a very early age, and I was inspired by the early exploits of Man in space, and the landing on the moon in 1969. I have since 1985, been teaching and lecturing on astronomy, and during my research I have discovered numerous links to the Island’s role in exploring the heavens. In more recent years there have been many companies setting up in the Isle of Man, and now the unique “SpaceIsle” initiative is being used to help the Isle of Man gain considerable stature in an exciting and innovative field’.


‘The Isle of Man in Space’ is being held on Monday 6th August at Promenade Church, Douglas commencing at 7.45pm, admission is free. Heritage Talks will continue every Monday in August, and will include talks on ‘The Forgotten Kingdom’, ‘Picturing the Victorians’ and ‘Manx Miscellany’. For more details please visit

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