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Manx Telecom Parish Walk Preview by Michael George

by Martin Rigby

Manx Telecom Parish Walk Preview by Michael George

The training should be all completed now and if you can't resist, make sure that it's short and you don't use too much energy. A modest session at the moment, will at least have the effect of keeping you loose.
There are extensive lists of 'do's and 'don'ts' on and much further good advice from seasoned walk 'Bloggers,' Richard Gerrard & Ed Walter if you follow the links.
The only further nuggets that I shall add is to relax and enjoy it but don't be carried along with the swell by falling into the trap of going too fast. A few seconds per mile too quick can lead to agony further on in the race.
Unfortunately, the weather gods are not looking totally favourably upon us but let's hope it's a little drier and less windy than expected
The race itself? It's hard to look much further than Sue Biggart for the winner of the lady's race but I am sure than Maureen Moffatt or Sammy Draper will be waiting in the wings, should she not live up to my expectation.
The men's division is in my opinion much more wide open with a new winner almost guaranteed unless Robbie Callister is able to produce a superhuman effort and should be between Richard Gerrard, Vinny Lynch and myself with Dave Walker and Richard Spenceley looking to be the only other athletes capable of springing an upset.
If it is not to be my year, I predict that will be the top six.
The only thing you can ask of yourself is to do you best and whether that means reaching Santon or the breaking the tape at the War Memorial. Don't give in too easily but remember that it's only a race and there's always next year, or any one of numerous events held all year round, see

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