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December 2011: Level of recorded crime falls

by Tessa Hawley

December 2011: Level of recorded crime falls

STATISTICS released in December showed that there had been a fall in the level of recorded crime in the Island.
The figures issued by the police for the period up to November 30 showed a drop of 2.8 per cent compared with the same time last year.
There was a reduction of 27.1 per cent in home burglaries but a 5.1 per cent increase in arrests for drunkenness.
The overall figures equate to a decrease of 6.9 per cent in recorded crime against the three-year average and there is an overall detection rate of 46.6 per cent which compares favourably with the 28 per cent average across 43 police forces in England and Wales.
A total of 92 per cent of people surveyed this year have expressed their satisfaction with the service provided by the Isle of Man Constabulary.
Home Affairs Minister Juan Watterson MHK said: "Recorded crime in the Isle of Man is already at a 30-year low, so to achieve a further reduction within existing resources represents an excellent performance.
"The statistics continue to reflect that the Isle of Man is a very safe place to live, while a satisfaction rate of 92 per cent indicates a high level of public confidence in the constabulary."
The department says the 5.1 per cent increase in arrests for drunkenness "reflects a policy of early intervention aimed at taking offenders off the streets to prevent them from going on to become involved in more serious incidents".
"Solid progress" is being achieved to disrupt the supply of controlled drugs in the Island and crimes associated with trafficking such as money laundering, the department added.
Mr Watterson said: "The latest figures continue the positive trends witnessed in recent years and act as a further demonstration of my department's commitment to keeping people safe.
"However, complacency must not creep in.
"Reducing crime is a complex matter and one that must involve the whole of the community."
He added: "Whilst a major priority for the constabulary is to continue to drive down crime, also at the forefront of their strategy is the need to enhance the quality of investigations in order to meet the stringent requirements of the justice system.
"To achieve both these aims within existing resources will prove challenging in the months and years ahead, but I have every confidence that the constabulary will succeed."
This story is part of's Review of the Year 2011.

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