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Clare Christian is the new President of Tynwald

by Tessa Hawley

Clare Christian is the new President of Tynwald

CLARE Christian has been elected as the President of Tynwald.


She received 20 votes in a ballot which took place just minutes ago at the last sitting of the Tynwald Court before September.


33 votes were cast in total. Her opponent the current Speaker of the House of Keys, Steve Rodan, received 12 votes and one vote was spoilt.  


Speaking immediately after she was named as the new president Clare Christian said: "I do want to thank you all for your support in this morning's election. Over my many years of Tynwald it never occurred to me that I would be leaving the arena of active politics in this particular way.


"I have enjoyed my role in Tynwald and I certainly will miss that role but I am very honoured that you have vested in me the responsibility for residing over Tynwald Court. Everyone in this court has, at their hearts, the best interests of the Manx people.


"I will do my best to ensure that the business of the court is carried our in a fair and seemly manner."


Seconding Eddie Lowey MLC in putting Clare Christian forward for the role, Quintin Gill MHK said: "I think Mrs Christian would be an extremely competent and well respected president."

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