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Flightline BCN no longer operating flights for Manx2 following crash

by John Gregory

Flightline BCN no longer operating flights for Manx2 following crash

SPANISH company Flightline BCN is no longer operating flights for following the plane crash at Cork Airport last week.


Six people were killed in the disaster after the plane - travelling from Belfast - crashed on its third attempt at landing at the airport in fog on Thursday. asked about the relationship between the company and flightline BCN - an arrangement which is not unusual in the airline industry.


Other Manx2 flights are operated by Czech Republic based VanAir Europe AS, German company FLM Aviation and UK-based Links Aviation.


Here are the questions asked and the answers we received in full on behalf of


What is the relationship between Manx2 and Flightline BCN?


Manx2 had one aircraft on lease from Flightline BCN. Flightline BCN operated the series of flights between Cork and Belfast on an ACMI lease basis. (They provide the Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance) known as a wet lease in the industry.


As a result of the tragic accident in Cork and the loss of the aircraft Flightline are no longer operating for Manx2.


Is Flightline BCN the airline and the Manx2 only the ticketing agency?


Yes, as stated in Manx2 terms and conditions.


What is Flightline BCN’s safety record like? How many flights do Flightline BCN operate carrying the Manx2 name?


No known accidents in last 5 years.  They primarily operated the Cork Belfast route and infrequently on other routes.


How are Flightline BCN involved with the investigation?


As the operator of the aircraft they, along with the Spanish CAA are fully co-operating with the investigation.


Who directly employs the aircraft crew?


The lease is ACMI so the fully trained crew come with the aircraft and are employed by the operator.



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