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Volunteers wanted for study into Viking ancestry

by John Gregory

Volunteers wanted for study into Viking ancestry

A GENETIC investigation into Viking ancestry in the Island will take place next month.


Representatives from the University of Leicester will visit the Manx Museum, Douglas, on Saturday, February 19 to carry out the study.


Funded by the university it will be carried out by Hayley Dunn under the joint supervision of Professor Mark Jobling (Department of Genetics) and Dr Simon James (School of Archaeology) as part of research leading to a PhD degree.


It will involve taking DNA samples from Manx men.


The aim of project is to look at the proportion of Viking ancestry among the inhabitants of the Isle of Man.


The University of Leicester will:


*Exploit the power of the link previously shown between surnames and Y-chromosomal DNA (both of which are passed from father to son)


*use historical lists of surnames present on the Isle of Man in medieval times to recruit modern donor samples to mimic the population of the past


*and analyse Y chromosomes because these are linked with surnames, and then estimate proportions of Norwegian ancestry in these samples.


Participating in the study will take around 10 minutes.


Volunteers will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about their ancestry and sign a consent form for a DNA sample (this is done by brushing the inside of the cheek).


The work is being carried out as a research project and is free to take part in.


In return the researchers will provide a summary of the results, designed for a layperson, at the end of the study in 2013.


In addition the University of Leicester will send volunteers a copy of their Y chromosome genetic fingerprint and an explanation sheet designed for the layperson.


The only criteria for participants is that they are a man whose father's father was born in the Isle of Man and that their surname is one of those listed below.


Bridson, Callin, Callister, Cannan, Caren, Carine, Carran, Carroon, 

Casement, Caveen, Christory, Clague, Cleator, Clucas, Cojeen,

Collister, Colquitt, Colvin, Comaish, Comish, Condra, Cooil, Coole,

Corkan, Corkhill, Corkill, Corkish, Corlett, Cormode, Corran, Corrin,

Corris, Corteen, Costain, Cowen, Cowin, Cowle, Crebbin, Creer,

Cregeen, Crellin, Crennell, Cretney, Cringle, Crye, Cubbin, Cubbon,

Curphey, Faragher, Fargher, Fayle, Freer, Gawne, Gelling, Joughin,

Kaighen, Kaighin, Kaneen, Karran, Kee, Keggan, Keggen, Keggin,

Keig, Kennaugh, Kennish, Keown, Kermeen, Kermode, Kerruish, Kewin,

Killey, Killip, Kinley, Kinnish, Kinrade, Kinvig, Kissack, Kneale, Kneen,

Lewney, Looney, Lowey, Maddrell, Moughtin, Mylchreest, Mylcraine,

Mylechreest, Mylrea,  Mylroie, Quaggan, Quaggin, Qualter, Qualtrough,

Quane, Quark, Quaye, Quiggin, Quilleash, Quilliam, Quillin, Quine,

Shimmin, Skelly, Skillicorn, Taubman, Teare, Vondy, Waterson, Watterson.        


How to take part:


To register visit


In this study University of Leicester require only one man per surname (including surname spelling variants). As representatives for each surname come forward, University of Leicester will list the remaining surnames for which they do not yet have participants.


The event, on February 19, takes place from 11am until 2pm.


There will be a short talk about the project at 11.30am.


Participants will be able to hear a talk on the study and give their sample and fill in the associated paperwork. Study participants who are not able to attend the event will still be able to take part: University of Leicester will be able to send a sample pack out in the post.


For further information contact the University of Leicester by emailing or contact Hayley Dunn on 0116 252 3377.


The university said while analyzing Y-chromosomal variation it can be found, in very rare cases, that a man has lost part of his Y chromosome which is related to fertility. Therefore, if men are concerned about the risks of detecting infertility, the university suggests that they do not take part.


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