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Space tourist and entrepreneur inspires students

by John Gregory

Space tourist and entrepreneur inspires students

ENTREPRENUER and philanthropist Mark Shuttleworth - the second ever space tourist - visited King William's College recently to talk to students about maths and science.


Having spent 10 days in space, Mr Shuttleworth - who was born in South Africa and lives in the Isle of Man - gave a direct account of his experience and animatedly illustrated the usefulness of the subjects.


He explained interesting concepts such as how parabolas are used to create a zero gravity experience in aeroplanes and the forces that keep the Space Station in orbit.


A host of questions followed his presentation from how to use a toilet in space to how to start a career in space.


Mr Shuttleworth motivated the students towards studying and following their interests and stressed that anyone can be a success in whatever they do as long as they love what they do. 


As founder of the Shuttleworth Foundation, Ubuntu and Hip2B2, an interactive maths and science programme, Mr Shuttleworth devotes a lot his time to making maths and science "cool".


Head of Maths at King William's College Duncan Matthews said: "The talk by Mark Shuttleworth was excellent.  Students were really interested in what he had to say and some remarked to me that they would like to interview him further. 


"This is a great opportunity for both King William's College and other schools on the Island to get students interested in maths and science. I thank him for taking the time to visit us and hope we will get the chance to meet him again."


Mr Shuttleworth plans to visit other schools in the Island throughout the year. 


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