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Stuart Baggs continues winning streak but is told to brush up on his joke telling

by Tessa Hawley

Stuart Baggs continues winning streak but is told to brush up on his joke telling

STUART Baggs may find a new joke book under his Christmas tree this year after Lord Alan Sugar criticised his witty remarks on this week's episode of The Apprentice.


The Island businessman secured another victory in this week's episode which saw the two teams wheel and deal to buy ten items, as requested by Lord Sugar, in ten hours for the lowest price possible.


This week it was girls versus boys although the boys were at a slight disadvantage having one member less than their rivals.


After an early morning wake up call Stuart declared that the winner of the series would be the one who got the most shut eye. He said: "I think the person that wins is going to be the person who gets the most sleep because it is knackering waking up at 5am every morning."


The first item on Stuart and team mate Chris's list was a "Blue Book". The boys originally thought this was an American magazine although when they couldn't track it down Stuart admitted: "This is slightly confusing and I don't think we really know what we're looking for yet."


After a slightly shaky start Stuart and Chris found their stride and set about securing a number of other items – mainly by telling interesting stories about why they needed them.


Aide Karen Brady explained: "Stuart and Chris's technique is to tell these sort of half stories and it is all a bit Laurel and Hardy. I'm not sure it is a technique that I would use but strangely enough it is working for them."


With time ticking on and items still left to buy Karen admitted that she was concerned they wouldn't fulfil their goal.


She said: "There's no real organisation. There is this random running to different shops, not pre-arranging, not even finding out if these shops have the items that they are looking for. I'm really fearful for them as it is now getting late in the day."


Making a last minute sale Stuart exclaimed: "I'm so desperate to win this." With the item secured Stuart enthusiastically shouted "up the curb, up the curb" to the driver taking them back to face Lord Sugar.


In the boardroom it was revealed that the boys bought seven of the ten items while the girls bought all ten.


With Stuart asked to recall the items he sourced he joked: "It's like the generation game."


Lord Sugar was quick to respond. He said: "You and your jokes. Have you opened your Christmas crackers early this year? You need to go out and get yourself a more expensive box."


He was also quick to pick up on Karen's points about lack of organisation asking Stuart and Chris: "Did you not feel that you were a bit like headless chickens when you went out?"


Despite the girls team sourcing all their items the boys came in as the winners spending less money in total. They were treated to a weekend trip to Paris with Stuart concluding: "I don't think we were expecting to win."


The Apprentice continues next Wednesday, December 8, at 9pm on BBC One.

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