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The Queen approves appointment of First Deemster

by Tessa Hawley

The Queen approves appointment of First Deemster

HIS Honour Deemster David Doyle has been appointed as First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls in the Island.


Deemster Doyle has succeeded the late Deemster Michael Kerruish QC. He had been the Second Deemster since March 2003.


He said: "I am honoured and delighted that my application for the position of First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls has been successful and that Her Majesty the Queen has approved my appointment.


"I look forward to building, in due course, upon the solid foundations put in place by my predecessors including Deemsters Cain and Kerruish who have made a massive contribution to the administration of justice on this Island.


"A fair, efficient, and effective legal system in which the public have confidence is an important asset to a civilised and successful jurisdiction. An independent legal system is an essential part of our democratic infrastructure. I believe in democratic values and in particular adherence to the rule of law.


"I look forward to the continuing support of my judicial colleagues and all those within court administration as I take on the exciting challenges that will be presented to me in my capacity as the Island’s First Deemster." 


Deemster Doyle was called to the English Bar in 1982 and to the Manx Bar in 1984. From 1984 to 2003 he was a Manx Advocate in private practice and in 2002 and 2003 he served on a part-time basis as a Deputy High Bailiff and Coroner of Inquests.                         

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