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Success of the Isle of Man's space industry highlighted in report

by John Gregory

Success of the Isle of Man's space industry highlighted in report

THE UK should learn from the Isle of Man when it comes to the space industry, a report reveals.


The document, Space: Britain's New Frontier, has been published by the Economic Policy Centre and cites the Island, alongside the United States, as the example for the United Kingdom to follow in its future space activities.


It states: "The UK should seek to learn and copy from the Isle of Man's favourable operating environment for space commerce."


It also comments on ManSat's use of orbital filing as the foundation for the space industry on the Island: "The Isle of Man has carried out a conspicuously successful policy of exploiting its favourable corporate operational environment, and its sovereign resources such as its allocation of geosynchronous satellite slots, to become a centre for international space business."


Director of the Business Development Agency for the Department of Economic Development Tim Craine said: "Over the last few years the Isle of Man Government has done much to establish itself as an international centre of innovation for space commerce.


"The report from the Economic Policy Centre is further recognition of the government's strategy of concentrating on the commercial space industry where we really can make a difference and it will certainly reinforce our international reputation in the sector."


This report comes at a time when the Isle of Man is enjoying a number of successes for its space industry. Recently it was announced the Island has been ranked as the nation fifth most likely to return to the Moon.


In addition, the Isle of Man has been chosen to host the fourth Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit which takes place on Monday and Tuesday.


It brings together senior executives from many of the 22 teams competing for the Google Lunar X PRIZE with industry experts and Space Isle representatives from the Isle of Man.


Christopher Stott, Chairman and CEO of ManSat, the Island’s space company, and the Island’s honorary representative to the space industry said: "Many people supported ManSat at the turn of the millennium when the space industry was just a dream for the Island.


"That dream is beginning to be realised. This is, and always will be, a team effort with government."


Alex Downie MLC, political member with responsibility for Space, said: "It was an honour to be selected to host the Google Lunar X Prize and to be now held up as an example for others to follow is a great boon to the Isle of Man.


"Our success to date has been made possible by the efforts of those in the government as well as the unique public-private partnership which has been instrumental in developing the Island's space industry."


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