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Dohle Unveils New Face of Corporate and Trust Services

by Dohle

Dohle Unveils New Face of Corporate and Trust Services A new addition to the Island’s international business community is being celebrated this week following the successful merger of two local corporate and fiduciary services providers under the banner of one of the leading providers of global maritime services. Döhle Corporate and Trust Services Limited combines the expertise of Vantage Corporate Services Limited and Corsiom Corporate Services, and the global infrastructure of Peter Döhle Group, to create an international brand with what its architects describe as truly multi-jurisdictional reach.

Having operated as licensed service providers since 2005, the two companies have steadily built an international portfolio of clients by placing a distinct emphasis upon intimacy of service and a keen eye for technical detail. A strategy of controlled expansion for both companies has resulted in consistent growth meaning that, in spite of challenging economic conditions, both firms also enjoyed the privilege of being able to guarantee the security of their employees as at the date of the merger. Indeed, Döhle Corporate and Trust Services Limited is now celebrating the seamless merger, which took place over a three month period, with the addition of new members of staff to support a growing client and services portfolio.

The newly established organisation continues to enjoy working at its Fort Anne offices overlooking Douglas Bay albeit under an entirely refreshed brand designed to more accurately reflect both its history and ambitions. By juxtaposing the famous work of German Romantic landscape artist Caspar David Friedrich, in his ‘The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog’, with a clean and elegant, red and navy colour palette, the new brand emphasizes the firm’s core values of technical precision, a focus upon the individual, and a history of excellence in the global maritime industry.

Director Paul Swindale commented on the success of the merger and the launch of the new organisation: “The merger of Vantage and Corsiom was the logical conclusion to a consistent period of growth for both businesses. Having two companies competing against each other under the same ownership structure was effectively a duplication of effort and the combining of the two to form a more diverse business was eminently sensible. The merger has combined the different skill sets of Vantage and Corsiom to form a stronger, more sophisticated offering with many experienced and qualified trust and corporate professionals in its employment. I have every confidence the business will prosper and grow over the coming months, with this merger being in many ways our first building block to where we wish to see the company. The merger and rebrand serves to clarify this position and enables us to better respond to any future challenges and opportunities within the industry.”

Managing Director Eckhard Garbers reinforced Paul’s statement: “It is testament to the culture of both companies that the merger was conducted so seamlessly. Our employees have reacted very well to the move and our clients acknowledge that they now enjoy a simpler route to the global infrastructure that we provide under the Döhle flag. We have always focused upon starting with the client first and working backwards towards the services, meaning that we have remained attentive, agile and responsive within a fragile economy. This has served us well in the past and I think our clients appreciate our intentions to maintain this sentiment under the banner of Döhle Corporate and Trust Services.

Director Phil McCarthy commented on the firm’s future ambitions: “As a jurisdiction which enjoys a dynamic and very active corporate and fiduciary services provisions industry, the Isle of Man is primed for a period of consolidation and sector specific reinforcement over coming years. When planning to accommodate for such change it is always best to consider your opportunities ‘in-house’ and that is what we did in this instance. We have, as an organisation, always matured with and learned from our client base and this process of consolidation and the diversification of our services is an extension of this. I would like to thank the Döhle team for their fantastic response to the merger and, of course, our clients for their patience and understanding throughout the process.”

Photo - left to right are Directors Phil McCarthy, Eckhard Garbers and Paul Swindale.

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