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Isle of Man Sport supports Pre-Games Drugs Testing

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Isle of Man Sport supports Pre-Games Drugs Testing As the Commonwealth Games approaches, there is lots of activity in the background as the team prepares to compete on the World stage. One aspect of this preparation is making sure that the Isle of Man team does their best to ensure that the Games are a clean, drug free one.

To this end, Isle of Man Sport has been working closely with UK Anti Doping (UKAD) to fund and deliver an Education and Testing programme in the lead up to the Games. Isle of Man Sport Vice Chairman, Gary Corkhill, explained:

“The Isle of Man is a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code so we have an obligation to ensure that our athletes are fully aware of their responsibilities to ensure that their Games is a clean one.

“Although a small number of athletes such as Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh are regularly tested on an ongoing basis and others may be subject to random tests at certain events, for many this will be the first time that they have competed at a level where drugs tests are carried out. Even for experienced competitors this can be a daunting experience.

“Our colleagues at UKAD have provided workshops which explain how athletes can check if any medications they are taking are permitted under the rules for their sport, how drugs tests are carried out and the rules relating specifically to the Glasgow Games.

“They have also conducted a number of unannounced drugs tests in recent weeks. UKAD staff selected a number of athletes from a range of sports and appeared on their doorstep for the unannounced test. We were delighted that all of the tests, which took place both on and off the island, were successful and demonstrated that our Isle of Man athletes have taken this very important issue very seriously.

“We are really grateful to UKAD for providing their expertise and support.”

UKAD Director of Communications and Education Nicola Newman added: “Partnerships are integral to the success of our programmes. Isle of Man Sport has taken a proactive approach in protecting their team members from any risk of doping.

“The education workshops were designed so that every Isle of Man athlete competing at Glasgow 2014 understands their anti-doping rights and responsibilities to ensure that they line up with the confidence they are clean.”

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