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Greeba Farm’s Big Soup Chop Challenge at the Food & Drink Festival

by MT

A mouthful of a challenge, fun for all but with a serious twist.  Greeba Farm hope that visitors to the festival, especially the children, will jump on board with their big challenge and help chop a huge pile of their fresh Manx mushrooms to make the ‘Big Soup’.  But it’s no ordinary soup they’re asking them to help with.  This tasty mushroom soup will be feeding the homeless and those in insecure housing on the island through a small yet vital local project called Graih.

“The idea,” says Kathy Irwin from Greeba Farm, “is three fold.  To engage the children with this superfood whilst bringing a community together to doing something really worth-while and raising awareness of a cause that people often think doesn’t exist on the island.”

“The guys who run this project are truly inspirational.  We can take the roof over our head for granted but the truth is losing your home could happen to anyone and it does happen on the Isle of Man.” 

The Graih project really is unique encouraging hope and change.  Last year they worked with 130 people and provided over 3,700 meals.  Some of the food having been grown on allotments by those being supported, an activity which Greeba Farm have supported through the donation of compost since its conception.

The challenge will mainly take place during Saturday 20th at the Food Festival although the farm are looking at the possibility of extending this to include the Sunday too. 

The challenge won’t be the only new and exciting attraction for Greeba Farm’s Manx Mushroom Experience tent at the food festival this year.  They have more fun surprises up their sleeve including a game with a leader board to get your name on to and the return of the much awaited delicious mushroom ice-cream as well as a real ‘twist in the tale’ to launch their new facebook page.  Definitely one to check out.  For more news check out the Greeba Farm facebook page.

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