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Manx culture on the move

by LC

Manx culture on the move

Fancy watching a tram, Manx dancing, or Manannan eating pizza on repeat endlessly? Now you can, thanks to a series of moving images now freely available online.

Fifty Manx-themed GIF files have been created by Culture Vannin as a fun way to promote Manx culture and identity.

“So much of our lives is spent online now,” says James Franklin of Culture Vannin, “it is important that we are able to express something of our Manxness online as well.”

GIF files are moving images which continue playing on repeat. These GIF files will often be seen on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but they are also shared through the various mobile phone messaging services.

These files have been developed by James Franklin in his role as Online & Educational Resources Officer at Culture Vannin.

“Although it might seem frivolous to some,” James commented, “this is giving people - particularly younger people - a means of expressing themselves in a fun and distinctively Manx way.”

The files have been developed from Culture Vannin’s ongoing work in video to record, promote and celebrate Manx culture. It is expected that these GIFs might inspire some to find out more about Manx culture, but it is hoped that they will enable everyone to just enjoy it.

“If we are serious about our Manx identity, we need to be prepared to have fun with it!”

The 50 GIF files cover topics like music, history, heritage, scenery, nature, dancing, folklore, customs and more in distinctive Manx ways. They are available free of charge via the Culture Vannin website:

Image - TE Brown.

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