Isle of Man News - POSTED Tue 05-09-2017

IoM Archery Club Report - September 3rd

by Barbara Harris

Unfortunately poor weather conditions prevented the holding of the Annual Windsor Trophy at Greeba on Sunday which was postponed until a later date. However three of the Club’s archers were in action in England.

Dave Moore and sons Rhys and Ethan travelled to Coventry at the weekend to take part in the Meriden Archers Double WA1440 competition. Day one saw Rhys Moore shoot the highest score of the three with 1319 but more importantly achieved his third World Record Status Master Bowman score to solidify his classification for the year. Ethan, having not shot much in the previous month, could only manage 1263; while Dave ran into equipment issues and finished on 1262.

The weather on day two of the shoot was poor with low temperatures and constant drizzling rain. In spite of this both Rhys and Ethan recorded better scores than on the previous day. Rhys’ 1335 was just 4 points short of his pb, while Ethan secured his first ever World Record Status Master Bowman score of 1312. Unfortunately for Dave the equipment issues of the day before prevented him from taking any further part in the competition.

Well done to the boys and fingers crossed for a break in the weather at home to allow the final Trophies of the season to be decided before we head back indoors.

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