Isle of Man News - POSTED Thu 05-10-2017

Commissioners go undercover to clean up dog fouling

by LC

Port St Mary Commissioners have deployed concealed cameras around the village in an attempt to apprehend the owners of dogs who foul the streets in contravention of the Byelaws. The unfortunately-named, motion-sensitive cameras can record both still photographs and video and are of a resolution that allows identification of the owner at a range of up to 100m.

Speaking in Port St Mary the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Mr Alan Grace said,

“We are aware that we are an area of natural beauty and, as such, we welcome the many people who want to exercise their dogs here. We ask, however, that they do so responsibly. The areas where dogs can be exercised are also the areas where children play and where picnickers sit.

The majority of dog- owners behave responsibly, but the minority who don’t are having an unacceptable impact on cleanliness of this village. When we catch offenders we shall not hold back from prosecuting them."

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