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Illiam Dhone Day - 2nd January 2018

by LC

Mec Vannin and the Celtic League (Mannin Branch) will, as always, host the annual Illiam Dhone Commemoration at Hango Hill near Castletown on Tuesday 2nd January commencing at 2pm.

The speakers this year will be Peter Crellin giving the Manx Oration concerning Mannin's potential to be a seat of Celticism and an oration in English will be given by Dr John Callow giving a historical take on Illiam Dhone and the events surrounding the Manx Uprising.

The orations will be followed by a wreath laying by Eddie Power of Ballasalla.

Brief historical background

Illiam Dhone (William Christian) died from internal injuries after being wounded in a botched execution as a result of a rigged trial for a bogus charge brought by the 8th Earl of Derby in an act of High Treason against Charles II of England. The Earl's High Treason was not pursued by warrant as Charles II was keen not to open the the still fresh wounds of the English civil wars. Nonetheless, the Earl's actions spelt the end of the power enjoyed by the Stanley family since the 14th century.

Illiam Dhone was held in great esteem by the Manx people and the English seized the opportunity presented the fantasy writings of Walter Scott to historically revise events and portray Illiam Dhone as the wrong-doer in the piece. With the loss of the Manx language, the received version of events as portrayed by the English agenda gained ground and this massive misrepresentation of historical fact endures to this day.


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