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Grant Thornton steps up cybersecurity

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Grant Thornton steps up cybersecurity

Grant Thornton has stepped up its cybersecurity as part of efforts to protect clients’ personal data.

The Athol Street based company is now fully compliant with the requirements of its international organisation’s requirements.

It’s demonstrated it’s compliant with multiple cybersecurity requirements.

The company provided staff with the necessary knowledge to tackle and respond to certain cybercriminal methods and performed an extensive review of existing digital security, including hardware, software, accessibility and data storage.

Grant Thornton International requires all of its member firms to have a high level of cybersecurity and has enhanced its already high levels of cybersecurity by introducing new minimum standards for member firms throughout its global network.

The group-wide policy has also been updated and revised to take into account the changing nature and sophistication of threats of cyberattack.

The Isle of Man accounting and audit company worked alongside its IT suppliers Manx Technology Group (MTG) to complete the certification.

Richard Ratcliffe, a Director of Grant Thornton in the Isle of Man, said: “Cybersecurity has long been a priority for Grant Thornton and it s crucial that each member firm has appropriate standards in place to protect its own systems and data, and the data held for clients.

“We deal with personal and confidential information about our clients and protecting that is naturally a key priority.

“The threat of data theft and cybercrime is ever-present and changing all the time so ensuring we are as resilient and prepared as we can be at all levels is essential.

“Our position has been assessed, working alongside MTG, and where any improvements or enhancements were identified, these have been implemented.”

MTG CTO Jonathan Luckins added: “The Isle of Man is not immune to cybercrime and strengthening defences to prevent attacks occurring is vital.

“Companies may have strengthened firewalls or obtained cyber insurance, but if attacks are not spotted quickly, firms could well find circumstances are out of their control.

“We were glad to work alongside Grant Thornton and provide technical input to help ensure the firm takes proactive measures to enhance its already high levels of defence and ensure an ongoing commitment to maintain the maximum standards achievable.”

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