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Douglas Councillor chosen as next Mayor

POSTED yesterday at 4:05 pm by Manx Radio

Douglas Council has chosen a councillor to be the next mayor in the Island's capital. Mrs Sara Hackman has been a councillor for seven years and was...

47,000 eligible voters on the Island

POSTED yesterday at 12:02 pm

Householders have confirmed the details of more than 47,000 eligible voters in a major update of the Island’s electoral register. A new voters list, based on registration forms returned by the March 18th deadline, will come into effect from tomorrow (April 1st, 2015). The forms were sent to all households in January. Electoral Registration Officer Della Fletcher said: ‘Having an accurate and reliable register of voters is important for the effective working of the democratic process. It is encouraging that so many people have responded positively to the forms that were issued, and to the publicity that has surrounded this initiative, in order to secure their right to vote. ‘The last comprehensive update of the register was in 2006, when...

Apple Watch could be a game changer for wearable tech

POSTED yesterday at 10:56 am

The long-awaited Apple Watch will go on sale around the world on April 24, with a vast range of options to suit all budgets and tastes. It’s the latest big announcement in the drive from all major manufacturers to crack the wearable technology market. There are already some great smart watches and other wearable devices out there, but the world is still waiting for that iconic product which will make wearable tech as ubiquitous as smartphones and tablets. Alex Barlow, Marketing Assistant at Manx Telecom and a self-confessed Apple addict, says it’s an important announcement in the evolution of wearable technology, but adds: “As with all new technology, its popularity is all about how customers react to it and whether it fills a need in...

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