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The Forestry, Amenity and Land Directorate manages 19,000 acres of hill lands.

Many of the Island's hills and uplands are owned by the Department - some 18,000 acres. These are let for sheep grazing and game shooting but they are open to public rambling.

There is an established forestry estate of some 6,800 acres, and commercial forestry is directed towards softwood production. It is processed at the St Johns sawmill, where market demand is very strong for fencing and other sawn timber.

GROUDLE.jpg                                        Groudle Glen

The Manx National Glens and other amenity areas, such as the Tynwald National Park, are maintained as public facilities by the Department, which also recognises the landscape and public recreation value of many of its plantations.

The Department encourages other landowners to plant trees by means of its Amenity Tree Planting and Small Woods Scheme, whereby trees are planted under subsidised terms at sites of public amenity value.