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1st Floor Court Row Chambers, Court Row, Ramsey, IM8 1JS

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Independent Financial Advisers - Insurance and Mortgage Brokers

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More about us

About Us
A dedicated team of IFA's who work to develop long term relationships with our clients. We ensure our clients financial requirements are catered for throughout the different phases of life by developing close personal relationships, applying our knowledge and professionalism to every aspect of finance, however small.

How we work

When we first meet, we will usually start off by discussing your aims and needs in general before going on to conduct a thorough financial review.

Following our review, we will take time to consider your situation and needs in detail, before writing a full report of our conclusions and presenting it to you at a subsequent meeting. We will then discuss our conclusions and recommendations with you, before agreeing the priorities, what should be done and when.

About Us...
We are a firm of financial advisers based in Isle of Man. We provide advice to both individuals and companies on all aspects of financial planning, through a long term approach of fully understanding our clients' needs, wants and aspirations and then prioritising objectives.

As fully independent advisers, our clients benefit from our being able to offer advice on the broadest range of products and services. Whether it be for investment advice, retirement planning, inheritance tax planning or simply reducing costs, we have many years of experience in finding the most suitable solution for our clients' needs.

We provide advice and help following a personal / business financial review which can take place at a convenient time and place. Usually a review will start with a very broad discussion of your concerns and aspirations, before moving on to a thorough financial review.

Following your initial review, we will take time to consider your situation, needs and priorities before writing a detailed financial report. We will discuss this face to face in a follow up meeting in which we'll fully explain our recommendations and agree affordable priorities to assist you in acheiving your objectives.

Our charges can be structured in several ways. Some of our clients prefer a fee-based approach, whilst others are more comfortable with a commission basis. Either way will result in our fully disclosing our fees in an open and transparent manner.

Westwinds Financial Services is licenced by the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission & registered with the insurance & Pensions Authority in respect of General Business.