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Smart HR Solutions Limited (SmartHR)

6 Hilltop Rise, Farmhill, Douglas, IM2 2LF

  • Tel: 01624 619619
  • Mob: 07624 478764
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Professional HR solutions tailored to your needs

  • HR Consultancy & Advice
  • Outsourced HR Solutions
  • HR Strategy, Audit & Planning
  • Online E-HR Shop for documents
  • HR Project Support
  • Training & Development

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SmartHR is an award-winning HR consultancy with a successful track record in providing a wide range of professional, tailored and effective multi-sector HR outsourcing and training solutions. We partner with organisations to help them drive sustainable performance improvement, achieve their people management objectives, and minimise the risk of litigation by offering a comprehensive range of flexible and effective HR consultancy and training solutions including the delivery of professional advice or services that are ethical, responsible and value-adding. All our clients are different, so we tailor our solutions to their business needs.