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  • Tel: 01624 619519
  • Mob: 07624 405560
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Gutter-Vac IOM Professional Gutter Cleaning

  • Ladderless Gutter Clearing
  • High level surveying using specialist camera system
  • Prompt, Friendly and professional service
  • Lightweight Poles which reach up to 50 ft.
  • Reduces disturbances whilst maintaining privacy
  • Free no obligation quotes, All Island coverage

More about us

Our powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner will carefully vac clean and survey all types of domestic & commercial gutters removing the build up of silt, moss, weeds and leaves.This is done from the safety of the ground using our specially adapted lightweight poles that reach up to 50ft.Our innovating system eliminates the use of ladders, scaffolding & cherry pickers. We provide all Island coverage.Prompt, professional and friendly service.


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