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Dial B4 U Dig

Manx Telecom, Cooil Rd, Braddan, IM99 1HX

  • Tel: 01624 625001
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Dial B4 U Dig-and avoid costly damages

  • Free service
  • Avoid costly damage
  • Major developments--------
  • Free professional guidance
  • Locate & mark MT cables
  • ------to minor landscaping

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What is Dial B4 U Dig?
A free service for anyone planning construction, landscaping or groundwork of any kind.

Why Dial B4 U Dig?
From major developments to minor landscaping , it's all too easy to unintentionally damage buried services like our underground telecommunication network. Anyone damaging these services is liable to pay for their repair, so making the most of Dial B4 U Dig could save you a lot of time, money and hassle.
Damage can cost other people dearly too. For example, today's underground telecommunication network carries major services to emergency services -imagine what the consequences of losing the 999 service could be.

What does the service involve?
We will visit you on-site and give you free professional guidance before you start excavation work, including a 'locate and mark' to show the position of any Manx Telecom cables within your work area.

How does it work?
You will simply need to dial 625001 to arrange the visit, giving us at least five working days' notice- although in the event of emergency works we will do all we can to meet your timescales. You will need to provide us with a location plan of the proposed works in advance, and we recommend that whoever is carrying out the excavation be there when we visit.

The numbers to Dial B4 U Dig.

Manx Telecom - 625001

Manx Electricity Authority - 687766

Manx Gas - 644425

Isle of Man Water &
Sewerage Authority - 695949