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Sat 23/919:0022:00Song of the Blackbird Charity Evening
Lezayre Community Hall
Tue 26/918:3020:00Manx Litfest presents: Introduction to Bibliotherapy
Family Library
Wed 27/913:00Wurlizer Lunchtime Concert by Local Organists
Villa Marina Arcade
Wed 27/920:0022:30Manx Litfest presents: Open Mic Poetry Slam
Noa Bakehouse
Wed 27/918:0019:00Free lecture on the early settlement of Iceland by Icelandic archaeologist, Dr Guðrún Sveinbjarnardóttir.
University College Isle of Man
Thu 28/920:0022:30Manx Litfest presents: Book Fanatics’ Quiz Night
Noa Bakehouse
Fri 29/910:0014:00Manx Litfest presents- Mystery-writing workshop with Alan Bradley
Fri 29/918:4520:15Manx Litfest - The Sin Eater’s Daughter, with author Melinda Salisbury
Fri 29/919:3021:00Manx Litfest - Small Island by Little Train, with author Chris Arnot
Port Erin
Fri 29/920:0021:30Manx Litfest - The Devil’s Violin presents ‘Stolen’
King William's College
Sat 30/909:0016:15Manx Litfest Writers’ Day – King William’s College
King William's College
Sat 30/910:3011:30Manx Litfest presents: The Dragonsitter Detective, with author Josh Lacey and illustrator Garry Parsons
Family Library
Sat 30/910:3011:30Manx Litfest presents:The Dragonsitter Detective
Family Library
Sat 30/913:0016:00Manx Litfest presents:Mr Men Family Day
St Johns
Sat 30/918:0019:30Manx Litfest presents: The Mesmerist, with author Wendy Moore
Noa Bakehouse
Sat 30/920:0022:30Pullyman and Friends
The British Hotel
Sat 30/920:0021:30Manx Litfest presents: Mystery Mann: An Evening with crime author Chris Ewan
Noa Bakehouse
Sat 30/910:0016:00Manx Litfest presents: IOM Novelists’ Hub
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