Isle of Man News - POSTED Thu 11-10-2018

ManxSPCA issues advice over seal pups

by TH

ManxSPCA issues advice over seal pups

People are being urged not to disturb seal pups if they spot them on the Island’s beaches.

Windy and stormy weather will mean that more seal pups haul out of the water to rest and so they are more likely to be seen, and potentially disturbed, by members of the public.

The ManxSPCA says mothers are often in the water, not far from pups, and say they should only be called if she doesn’t return after a considerable length of time.

They’re also urging people not to try and rescue the animals – saying although they look cute they can be highly aggressive.

If you spot an injured, or lone, seal pup contact the ManxSPCA on 851672 and leave a message if necessary.

If you find a dead seal or any other dead marine mammal such as a dolphin or porpoise please report it to the Manx Wildlife Trust on 844432.

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