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It's humbug - health chiefs dispel nativity decoration rumour

by Joanne Clague

It's humbug - health chiefs dispel nativity decoration rumour

The traditional Christmas nativity scene is proudly on display at Noble's Hospital.

The Department of Health and Social Care has issued a statement after rumours on social media sites that the nativity scene donated last year by St Mary's Church had been removed to avoid causing offence.

The department states: 'The nativity figures were displayed for the first time last year, so there is no ‘usual’ location for them as such.

'The figures are quite large, and the Department understands they were originally used for an outdoor nativity scene. It was felt that the setting from last year, in the main foyer, didn’t work given the size of the display.

'There was feedback from the public to this effect, with complaints that the figures took up a lot of room in the café space, which was especially noticeable during busy periods in what is a high traffic area.

'On that basis, a decision was taken to locate the nativity scene elsewhere in the hospital this year.

'The Department wishes to firmly dispel any rumours that the figures were moved on the grounds that they may offend people. This is simply not the case. It was an operational decision for the hospital done with the best of intensions and for wholly practical reasons.

'The Department is pleased to see that the public enjoy the Christmas decorations at Noble’s Hospital. Based on the feedback received about the location of the nativity scene this year, the team at Noble’s Hospital is more than happy to relocate it back to an appropriate place in the main foyer.'

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Photo - Courtesy of Leandra Lawler.

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