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Government slams Rally Isle of Man organisers after cancellation

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Government slams Rally Isle of Man organisers after cancellation

Government has blamed a 'lack of planning and coordination' for the failure of this year's Rally Isle of Man.

The event - which was due to take place this month - was cancelled by organisers at the weekend. 

In a statement a spokesperson for the Department of Infrastructure says: "Rally Isle of Man's decision to cancel so close to the event will be a big disappointment and frustration to rally fans on and off the Island and for the competitors.

"The Department of Infrastructure, together with other departments, has tried hard to get Rally Isle of Man to start planning its rally event earlier.

"Despite repeated opportunities Rally Isle of Man missed all of the original deadlines for its paperwork and indeed the extended deadlines.

"As a result of Rally Isle of Man’s longstanding poor organisation government officers were not confident that the rally would be run safely and competently."  

The department says it had been working hard to try and help the event go ahead. 

The statement continues: "Rally Isle of Man’s lack of planning and coordination came to a head in July this year when the Department of Infrastructure concluded that the organiser was not able to run a competent event at the time and therefore could not legally issue a Racing Authorisation.

"A review of this decision was undertaken by the Department on the 19 July 2018.

"Commitments were received from Rally Isle of Man that a new leadership team would be put in place and on this basis the Department agreed to give the organiser more time. 

"Government has remained committed to helping up until last night’s disappointing announcement, even as late as last week the Department of Infrastructure sent Rally Isle of Man examples of good documentation provided by other organisers. 

"The Government can only offer support, which it has done on several occasions, ultimately this is a private event and it is for the organisers to make the decision on its future." 

The DOI says it will continue to support any motorsport organiser that can show a 'clear commitment' to ensuring the safety of the public. 

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