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The Island may be recognised as a finance and e-gaming centre, but it still has its root in traditional industries too.

Whilst these traditional industries and their ancillary services play a less significant role on the Isle of Man than they once did, they still provide considerable employment and have political, social and strategic importance.

Grants, Loans and Subsidies

The Manx Government, through its Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, acknowledges this importance by making a range of financial support measures and services available to farmers and growers - by way of grants, loans and subsidies.

Also provided are advisory/technical services relating to disease and pest control, all aspects of agronomy, animal husbandry, farm management and horticulture.

Sea Fishing Industry

Similar support is accorded to the catching sector of the sea fishing industry by way of grant and loan assistance for the acquisition and improvement of fishing vessels. Financial incentives are available to encourage Manx registered/crewed vessels to land fish to local processors, technical services and education.

The Department also has its own fishery protection vessel, "Barrule", which operates within the Island's territorial waters.