Peel Cathedral


45 Anglican churches are spread across the Isle of Man, as are 37 Methodist churches.


It remains the largest religious organisation on the Isle of Man with forty five Anglican churches and one Church of England Primary school. It is divided into three Deaneries - Douglas, Castletown and Peel, and Ramsey. The most Senior churchman on the Island is the LORD BISHOP of Sodor and Man, who also holds a seat on the Legislative Council of the Tynwald Court.


Are the second largest Christian group on the Isle of Man, with thirty seven Methodist Churches. Methodism was first introduced here by John Merlin in 1758 and later preached by John Wesley who found here 'but six Papists and no dissenters'. The simple faith of the Manx people impressed him greatly and before long there were twenty ministers on the Island. Most towns and villages had a number of Primitive Methodist chapels and Wesleyan chapels, often situated on opposite sides of the street or one at either end.


Comes under the Archdiocese of Liverpool, and The Dean of the Isle of Man is the Very Reverend Canon Brendan Alger.

Manx Roman Catholics suffered greatly under the sixteenth century Reformation when they lost their places of worship and had to gather in ancient keeils. It wasn't until the early nineteenth century that they were given some land on the Old Castletown road for St Bridget's Chapel and later were able to build St Mary's Church in Douglas.

Since then the arrival of workers from Liverpool and Ireland has considerably swelled the Roman Catholic population and there are now eight Catholic churches around the Island and a Catholic primary school adjoined to St Mary's in Douglas.

Acknowledgement: Manx Heritage Foundation