Manx Wildlife Trust

Isle of Man based conservation body that owns and maintains a number of nature reserves on the Island.

Manx Wildlife Trust is a voluntary wildlife conservation organisation for the Isle of Man.  They represent Manx wildlife interests locally, in the British Isles and throughout the world. The Trust own and maintain over twenty nature reserves around the Island, ranging from small sites in Port Erin and Onchan to their largest site on Dalby Mountain, at 72 acres.  For more information about the Manx Wildlife Trust, click here.

Visitors centres
The Trust provides information on local wildlife and habitats at its two Visitor/ Interpretation Centres, Scarlett on the low rocky coast near Castletown and the Ayres in the far north, situated in an important area of coastal dunes and heath.

The Trust plays a leading role in increasing public awareness of the rich diversity of wildlife found on the Island and to help preserve it for future generations.  A wide range of literature including a newsletter, education packs, nature trail booklets, reserve leaflets and scientific reports are produced.  Regular contributions are made to the local press and radio on conservation matters and Trust staff and volunteers give illustrated talks to schools and associations.

Our philosophy is that wildlife should be able to thrive on the Island in natural habitats such as mountain, woodland, fields, curragh as well as the coastal and marine environment.  We are dedicated to working with people from all walks of life - in government, commerce, agriculture, communities and families - to make sure nature gets a chance among all the pressures of the modern world.

Acknowledgements: Manx Wildlife Trust