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Wildlife Calendar

There is much to see in the countryside and around the coast of the Island. Here are a few to look out for during the year.

Wildlife Calendar

Wintersweet in flower. Whooper Swans in Jurby Parish. Golden Plover over-wintering at the Ayres.

Lesser Celandine in flower in sheltered spots. Song and Mistle Thrushes in song. Rooks and Ravens becoming active.

Primroses now in flower and the first of the year's butterflies can be seen.

Marsh Marigolds in full bloom. Wood Anemones flowering in the glens. Willow Warblers arriving to breed. Ferns beginning to unfold.

Sea Pinks and Bluebells in bloom. Swallows and Martins in full flight.

Orchids in full bloom. Yellow Flag Iris in flower. The 'roding' (soft croaking call) of the male Woodcock can be heard in the evenings at Ballaugh Curraghs.

Manx hay meadows at their most colourful. Seabird concentrations off the Ayres coast. Basking sharks frequently seen.

Abundance of Red Admiral and Painted Lady Butterflies. Wetland plants in flower. Skuas busy chasing Terns.

Hills take on purple and yellow hue. Fuchsias shedding their blooms. Red-throated Divers appear in good numbers in the north.

Influx of winter Thrushes, Redwings and Fieldfare. Autumn colours in glens. Seals can be heard singing.

Hen Harriers roosting at Close Sartfield Nature Reserve. Ducks in full breeding plumage.

Carpets of mosses and liverworts found in northern glens. Mountain Hares wearing white winter coats.