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Why Choose the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man provides space and support for businesses' operations on a small or large scale.

The Isle of Man is already a key location for high-tech financial services, and is continually developing its legal and technological infrastructure to meet the growing demands of e-business. 

Its location, telecommunications structure and low tax environment enables it to attract e-business from around the world. The Island offers secure servers with industrial standard telecommunications access to the internet. 

Advanced Communications
Support Services

Comprehensive support services include complete website design, software and hardware suppliers, e-business solutions providers, world class data hosting and disaster recover services.

Internet payment gateway facilities, company administration services, along with both international tax and legal advice are also readily available.


The Island has an excellent education system that is preparing pupils for technology intensive businesses and has, as a result, a very high number of computers in every school - supported by a teaching staff that are computer literate. 

Learning Manx

Businesses are able to relocate key personnel to the Island if required, and can access a pool of well educated and computer aware individuals.  This means that set up and operating costs on the Island remain competitive in comparison to other Island jurisdictions.