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Manx registered ships are British Ships under the jurisdiction of the Island's Marine Administration.

The Isle of Man has a long established maritime industry and its Shipping Register forms part of the British Register; the first ships having been registered in 1786. 

The development of the shipping register has encouraged the establishment of Manx-based international ship management and ship owning companies, resulting in the Island now possessing a dynamic and effective shipping industry with a substantial number of such organisations. 

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The 1991 Merchant Shipping Registration Act

The implementation of the Act provided the Isle of Man with a forward-looking legislative framework within which the shipping industry operates. 

Yacht Owners and Operators

Yachts have been registered in the Isle of Man for many years, but in more recent times, yacht owners and operators have further recognised the Island as an economic and efficient centre for ownership. In some cases this recognition extends to the management of yachts registered in the Isle of Man or elsewhere.