Support Group for Tinnitus Sufferers

When:         Starts 26th January 2017 and then last Thursday of each month
Where:        Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church Lower Dukes Road, Douglas

A support group for tinnitus sufferers will be starting again in the new year. 
The primary aim of the group is to provide a safe environment for people having difficulty with tinnitus where they can seek out mutual support from others in a similar situation.  Individuals  are encouraged to swap ideas, discuss day to day problems and worries in a supportive environment. 

The support group will run on a monthly basis and speakers will be booked from time to time to talk on topics of particular interest. These topics will range from current Tinnitus related research, current treatment available on the NHS to relaxation techniques and sound enrichment devices.  The group will be led by Audiologist Matthew Rudd from Nobles Hospital.

The next meeting will be on 26th January 2017 from 2.30pm


Venue: Douglas

Start Date: 30-11-2017 @ 14:30