Cummal Mooar Christmas Fair

What: Cummal Mooar Christmas Fair

When: Saturday, 25 November 2017 2:30pm

Where: Cummal Mooar Resource Centre, Queens Promenade, Ramsey

Kick start the 2017 festive season with the Cummal Mooar Christmas Fair in Ramsey.

There will be a children's raffle (to be drawn at 3.30pm), a main raffle, a selection of traditional stalls with homemade produce, and Santa's grotto.

The fair will be held in the Baie Room to raise money for the residents' amenity fund which is used to provide various outings such as the theatre, picnics etc., treats, gifts and parties, especially over the festive season. Visitors will receive a cup of tea and a mince pie for the entry fee of £1.

All welcome!

Venue: Ramsey

Start Date: 25-11-2017 @ 14:30