St Ninian's High School - Support & Signpost Evening

A multi-agency support and advice evening

St. Ninian's Lower School site at Bemahague

Tuesday 28th November from 6 - 8 pm

To support parents seeking guidance and support on the many issues that affect our young people.

We are aware that raising and working with children can be an  emotional rollercoaster and that parents might feel as if they are the only ones experiencing issues affecting their children.  Schools are often the first port of call for help.  This event has been organised in response to a growing number of parents seeking advice and guidance from their schools to support them through many of the issues that affect our young people in the modern world.  It is a collaboration between St Ninian's High School and its partner primary schools, Onchan, Laxey, Cronk Y Berry, Ashley Hill, Willaston and St Mary's, and is open to parents of school aged children who attend any of those schools.  It is hoped that by bringing together some of our key agencies  into one location, the evening will act as an information 'hub' for our parents and make it much easier for them to access up to date advice.  Agencies involved include CAMHS, Department of Education and Children Youth Service, Isle of Man Constabulary, CRUSE bereavement care, Motiv8 as well as several others.  Topics covered will include the safe use of mobile technology,  sexting, drugs and alcohol, emotional wellbeing, the importance of good attendance, employment laws for young people as well as many other current issues affecting our children and young people.

All parents and guardians are welcome to attend up to 4 sessions, which will be delivered in a smaller 30 minute workshop environment.  We hope that this will facilitate greater discussion and allow more parents to feel more comfortable in asking questions.  We ask that parents wishing to attend please book their places via their child's primary school, or using the on-line booking system if they have a child attending St Ninian's High School.

Venue: St Ninian's Lower School

Start Date: 28-11-2017 @ 18:00

Duration: 2:0 (Hours:Minutes)