Positive Action Group - Public Meeting

Positive Action Group - Public Meeting

Government's 'Big Brother' Database.

Do we need it?


Dan Davies - Director of Change and Reform, IOM Government
Steve Burrows - Entrepreneur, Chartered IT Professional
Tristram Llewellyn Jones - Civil Liberties Campaigner

7:30 p.m. Monday 30th October 2017
Manx Legion Club, Market Hill,  Douglas


Government says it wants 'Smarter use of your data to improve Government services' but has not yet said what this means in practice

Its plan is to build a central citizen database, the basic building block of which is a single resident record. But who would really benefit  - them or us?
Eventually the aim is to establish government as a Single Legal Entity, thus enabling joined up governance. Yet the Programme for Government (P4G) doesn't spell it out as clearly as this.
Following consultation (now completed) P4G refers to presenting Tynwald with a feasibility study on considerations relating to a Single Resident Record by December 2017.
In anticipation of that Positive Action Group (PAG) is holding a public meeting to discuss many of the issues government will not tell us about.

• Do I trust government with my personal information - especially in a small Island?
• Exactly what information will be in the record?
• Who will have access to the information?
• Will Government start to know too much about us?
• What safeguards are in place to prevent the database becoming all encompassing?
• Have all the legal considerations been considered?
• What would be the consequences for the Island if the data was hacked? 
A spokesperson for PAG said:

"The security of personal information in this electronic age is something we all need to be concerned about. It is a concern which PAG has considered in previous meetings. But now, with our Government seemingly dedicated to recording our personal records centrally, it really does need active public discussion.  Remember it's our data and we need to be re-assured that a central data base will be secure. The three speakers will give a broad perspective of this contentious topic.

Come along and join in the discussion - ask your questions. This measure will effect everyone of us!"
The event is free and open to all

Venue: Manx Legion Club, Douglas

Start Date: 30-10-2017 @ 19:30