Manx Bat Group Talk: Bats & Diseases

Public Talk - Bats and Diseases
Venue - the famous Creg ny Baa
Wednesday 13th September, 20:30

The Manx Bat Group is very lucky to have Lisa Worledge from the UK Bat Conservation Trust come and talk to us about Bats & Infectious Diseases

Bats and diseases have been in the media a lot over recent years - come along to this talk to find out the truth of the situation, what makes bats special in relation to diseases, and why they get the blame when we should be looking closer to home!

There are diseases that have direct effects on bat populations. The most devastating of these is white-nose syndrome (WNS) in North America. Millions of bats have been killed by WNS since it was first identified in 2006. The final part of the talk will review the current situation in North America, Europe and the UK.


Venue: Other

Start Date: 13-09-2017 @ 20:30