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Manx Saints

Rediscover the heritage of the Manx Saints at St German's Cathedral.

Wherever you go on the Isle of Man, you are surrounded by Saints. Whether walking the hills or hiking the Raad ny Foillan (Road of the Gulls) you're almost as likely to meet the Saint of a sacred well, an isolated rhullick or keeill, as to see a seagull.


Of course, it may help to know what you are looking at but the Manx Saints have left their mark on almost everything - hill, stream and farm names, wells, springs, physical features, carved stones, entire villages, even the names of people... You just can't avoid them.


So who are the Manx Saints? And why are they important today? These and other questions will be answered in a series of evening talks and musical presentations based around a celebration Eucharist or Compline. The result of several years' research, 'Discovering the Manx Saints' will be introduced by the Precentor, the Reverend Ian Faulds. The evenings start at 6.30 p.m., beginning on Tuesday 16 November, (except 6 December, which begins at 4.30 p.m. and includes giving presents to the children). A light supper will be served either at the beginning or the end, depending on whether the service is a Eucharist or Compline.

During 2015 the Cathedral will also be celebrating Kentigern, Machonna of Inis Patrick, Conan of Man, Bridget, Runius the Royal, Odran the Martyr, Patrick, Cuthbert, Russin, Thusag, Donnan the Great, Ronican the Prophet, Sanctan the Famous, Brendan the Navigator, Columba the Dove, Bladus, German of Man, Moluag the Fair, Olaf, Lonan, Luanus and Ciaran the Great.

For more information please see www.facebook.com/ManxSaints and www.cathedral.im.