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Myths & Mysteries 'The Real Truth' is coming to The Gaiety for one night only.

Trevor Marriott is a retired British Police Murder squad detective who throughout his long career has investigated and solved many crime mysteries.

Trevor Marriott

In recent years he has investigated some of the myths and mysteries that have fascinated and intrigued the general public for decades.  The likes of the Bermuda Triangle, the Lost City of Atlantis, the Mary Celeste, the Abominable Snowman, the Shergar Mystery, Lord Lucan and many more.

The results of his investigations are thought provoking, and will captivate and enthral the audiences as he brings his Myths & Mysteries 'The Real Truth' show to The Gaiety Theatre later this month.

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Ahead of the show we caught up with Trevor and asked him a couple of quick questions...

Your show is on at The Gaiety Theatre for just one night.  Explain why our readers shouldn't miss it..

The content of the show will change the public's perception of some of these mysteries, because without a doubt they have been misled by what they have seen and read on the various topics.

Was there one particular mystery that captured your imagination whilst you delved deeper?

Well they were all interesting to research but I think the Apollo Moon landing was the most interesting.

As well as your tour you have also written a number of book.  Please tell us more...

Jack the Ripper The Secret Police Files

The Evil Within - The Worlds Worst Serial Killers

The Death of Sherlock Holmes

Prey Time - A Victorian Crime Novel Based on Jack the Ripper

Myths and Mysteries The Real Truth

And a DVD Titled Jack the Ripper  -A 21st Century Investigation

They are all available from my website

Your tour continues on around the UK now till a final date on July 4th at Worcester.  What do you have planned to do then, a rest perhaps?

No, my next show "The UK`s Worst Serial Killers".