Good Kitchen Lighting

A recipe for good lighting in the heart of your home.

Be it a country cottage or a modern open plan kitchen and living space, the kitchen is the heart of our home. We spend a lot of time in and money on our kitchens and as the use and importance of our kitchens have changed, so the requirements of our lighting have too. In addition to this an awareness and desire to reduce the amount of energy consumed is also a consideration for us.

The majority of lighting in kitchens is usually low voltage, recessed down lights. While these lights do offer a bright light (or high lumen output) and good colour rendering (or quality of light) the lamps are relatively inefficient and usually consume 50w of energy per down light.


The challenge of using a task light, (a cone of direct light, the patch or pool diameter dependent of the beam angle produced by the reflector), as general lighting can result in a large number of cones of light required to overlap each other to achieve a uniformly lit space. The result is often strong beams of direct light and hard shadows.

To correct the uncomfortable contrast of light and shadow we often fit more down lights. These may eventually direct enough light on to the walls thereby offering some reflected, indirect light into the room and adding a softening to the harder shadows but it is at a greater cost financially and environmentally.

Do you have a kitchen that just isn't lit right? Give us a call on 665801, or drop by our lighting demonstration area at the Old Bakery, James Place, Victoria Road, Douglas and we can get you on the path to a beautifully lit space.

Article written by Ralph Peake of Luminaires.