Port e Vullen

Cat Turner

The Best of Me... Cat Turner an escapee from the finance sector who now spends her time volunteering in the ethical, green and arts sectors.

I've written 17 books (and one on the way) - all study texts or technical works on finance sector governance, and similar subjects. I also do a little expert witnessing and consulting work.

Cat Turner

Best meal (cooked by you or by another):

Oh! Anything not cooked by me.  My twin daughters made me breakfast the other day (it consisted mostly of Twixes, cucumber chunks, and hard boiled eggs...) because they wanted to treat me, saying "but Mummy, you live on our leftovers".  Spot on.

Best outfit or single piece of clothing:

My ace black leather flat pirate boots. Comfy as a sofa, reeking of street cred!

Best memory:

In Fagnoon, near Cairo - an arts centre where I studied for and gained my Permaculture Design Certificate last year. My twins came with me, and were enthralled - it was just like a play-centre, but for adults, with zip wires and ladders all over the place. I enjoyed learning some amazing stuff, and knowing that the girls were happy and part of it all too.

Best way to spend the day:

A later-than usual getting up time (we usually get up at 6am, and it's a killer!) - followed by making pancakes for breakfast, then a short hike to a little beach near us - Glen Trunk, and some paddling and such like.

Best advice:

My mum told me, very accurately: 'You wouldn't worry half as much about what other people think of you, if you knew just how rarely they did.'

Best place in the Isle of Man:

I'm really enjoying being at the Sayle Gallery, in Douglas  - it's a lovely space, and bursting with the most amazing artworks (all free to view - come on in if you haven't yet!).  It's a real privilege to be here and help out a couple of days a week. And aside from that the Island as a whole is a real treat - the girls and I like exploring new walking trails, little thumbnails of beaches and so on.  We know how lucky we are to live here!

The Best of Me feature first appears in the Manx Advertiser.