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New Email Platform

More details about our new enhanced email service.

To improve the services we offer a new mail platform was installed for all @isleofman.com and @isleofman.org email addresses in March 2017.

What changes are there with the new platform?

Along with significant performance improvements we introduced a brand new webmail system which brought a fresh, up-to-date design, with a fast and responsive performance which is mobile friendly if you log in via your smartphone or tablet.

We also increased the storage limits to 20GB of storage.

The Spam Experts system is also being replaced as spam will be managed within the new webmail system.

Another, much requested, feature is the ability to reset your password online, meaning you do not need to contact us to reset your password. This feature requires you to specify an alternative email address for us to send a password reset link to. You may need to log in to webmail and updated your account details following the migration.

Some other new features include:

Desktop pop-up notifications of new mail with optional sound notifications
Store documents within webmail and email links to your documents.
Auto-creation of folders i.e. sent/deleted/drafts etc,
Create message templates for emails you regularly send.
Import/Export contacts lists and create contact groups
Manage external email addresses in webmail - download emails from other providers, e.g. Hotmail, in to webmail

Why did we make this change?

The previous email platform was reaching the end of its serviceable life and needed to be replaced.  The performance of the webmail interface was, at times, well below the standard we would expect.

Following a review of our email platform it was decided to make this significant investment and replace the entire email platform to ensure we have a solution which will perform to a consistent high standard for our customers.

Will this change how I log in to my email?

If you have your email configured on a mobile device, or computer, you should not need to make any changes.

What was migrated to the new platform?

We are migrating all emails, folders and contacts along with any forwarding rules, email signatures and auto-response settings which are stored on the mail platform.

What was not migrated?

Anything related to spam email in the Spam Experts system - blacklist/whitelist settings, quarantined emails etc.

How do I reset my password if I cannot log in?

If you cannot log in click the Reset Password link, enter your email address and the verification code and click Send.

You will then receive an email to your alternative email address with a link to reset your password. Click this link and enter your new password.

To reset your password you must first have an alternative email address saved in your email profile.

To add an alternative email address, log in to webmail and click the Menu button on the right hand side, then click Options.

Once in Options, under Accounts and My Account you will see the Alternative Email field. Simply enter your alternative email address in this field and click OK.

Can you tell me more about document storage?

To take advantage of the increases in mailbox storage, you can now share files larger than the 10MB attachment limit. Simply compose a new email, click Attach from Local Disk (to attach a file from your computer) and then click SmartAttach. This will save the file to your Documents area and your email will contain a link for the recipient to download the file.

Don't worry, you are not allowing access to your email or any other documents, just this one file!

How long are emails kept in the Deleted Items folder?

Seven days, then they are automatically deleted.

Can I auto-forward my emails?

Yes, this is a feature which is available to the @isleofman.com and @isleofman.org email addresses.

Simply, open the Options menu, click the Mail heading and then Forwarder. Enter the email address you wish to forward mails to and choose whether you want to keep the incoming email in your inbox.

You can also choose to only forward emails which are older than a number of days you specify.

Any forwarding you have configured via Rules will be migrated over.

What is a message template?

Message Templates are particularly useful if you regularly need to send the same message with only minor changes - such as confirmations of appointments. You can create multiple message templates and use these when required. This is much easier than finding an old email in your Sent Items and copying the text!

What are Distribution Lists?

A distribution list is simply a group of email recipients made up from your Contacts list.

For example, you could create a "Family" distribution list instead of selecting each family member from your contacts list.

Why do some folders show a number by them and others do not?

The number shown by a folder indicates the number of unread messages in that folder, not the total number of messages.

I used to lose emails I was typing as Webmail had timed me out. What is the timeout set to now?

Timeout is set to 45 minutes

Webmail will also automatically save a draft of messages you are composing every one minute by default, this can be changed in Options under Mail Options

What is the Journal feature?

The Journal is a simple place for you to store notes about events which have happened through the day.

Can I add a signature to my outgoing messages?

Yes, you can save multiple signatures for your emails and choose which one to add to each email, either by default so it is always there or per email.

To set up a Signature click Options, then Mail and then Signature. Edit the Default signature to add a signature to every email, or add your own. Click Ok when done.

The Default Signature is added to every email, you can also choose which Signature you want to add to your email click the Pencil icon when you are composing your email, you can also choose No Signature if you do not want to add your Default Signature.

Any signatures which you have already configured will be migrated over.