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New movie set to throw the spotlight on sidecar racing at the Isle of Man TT races

POSTED Wed last week

‘3 Wheeling’, produced by Isle of Man based company Beaumanx Productions, is set to boost the profile of sidecar racing at the Isle of Man TT. The cinematic production is a behind the scenes reality movie that chronicles the fortunes of the sidecar crews as they prepare and race at the 2016 Isle of Man TT. The film focuses on the leading driver 17-time TT race winner Dave Molyneux, as well as former Sidecar World Champion Tim Reeves and their fearless passengers Dan Sayle and Patrick Farrance, as they prepare to tackle the TT Mountain Course. The movie also gives a compelling insight into the role of team managers Austrian 3-time TT race winner and former Sidecar World Champion Klaus 'Klaffi' Klaffenböck, who now manages Reeves’ outfit...

Manx National Heritage Assist Southern 100 Marshals

POSTED Tue last week

The Southern 100 Marshals Association are delighted to announce that Manx National Heritage are providing free entry to any of their sites around the Island to Marshals.Entry will be by production of a valid Marshals Identity Card for the duration of the race calendar.The special concession was publicised at the commissioning of the Mylchreest Marshals Medical Facility prior to Easter by Gaynor Haxby, Head of Public Services, Manx National Heritage.Chief Marshal, Peter Chadwick said: ‘This gives an ideal opportunity for marshals to experience the Islands fantastic heritage sites and culture in addition to its long established road race culture. ‘Time to relax, see the sights and in extreme cases escape any inclement weather!’Manx National...

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