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The Lieutenant Governor

The Queen's representative on the Isle of Man, the current Lieutenant Governor is Sir Richard Gozney.


The Lieutenant Governor is the personal representative of the Queen on the Island.  He is appointed by the Sovereign, on the advice of the Home Secretary and with the concurrence of the Government of the Isle of Man, and usually serves for a five year term. 

The current Lieutenant Governor is Sir Richard Gozney who was appointed in May 2016. 

The Current Lieutenant Governor

Sir Gozney was previously the Governor and Commander in Chief in Bermuda from 2007 to 2012. 

He was educated at Magdalen College School, Oxford and St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

He is married to Diana and has two sons; James and Alexander.

The Role

Formerly, the Lieutenant Governor was, in essence, the executive head of the Government on the island. However in the last decade the role has become somewhat more vice-regal as many of the governmental functions have now been transferred to the Council of Ministers or to Government Departments.

In exercising the majority of his remaining functions, the Lieutenant Governor acts on the advice of, and with the concurrence of, the Council of Ministers. 

However, he does retain some important constitutional duties.  In respect of parliamentary matters, for example, the Lieutenant Governor may dissolve the House of Keys and may, since 1981, grant Royal Assent on behalf of the Queen to designated Bills passed by Tynwald. 

Tynwald Ceremony

The Lieutenant Governor usually presides over the St John's Ceremony, however if a sovereign is present on the Island, it is customary for them to do so instead. In addition, other members of the Royal Family may also preside, under Letters Patent granted for that purpose.