House of Keys Stone Crest

Officers of the Court

Several Officers are appointed, whose roles are to assist in the workings of Tynwald and other aspects of Government.

The Clerk of Tynwald

The Clerk of Tynwald is Secretary of the House of Keys and Counsel to the Speaker, and assists the President and the Speaker in organising the business of Tynwald and the House of Keys. He also advises on procedure. 

Govt OfficeHe is responsible for maintaining
a record of the proceedings and,
as Counsel to the Speaker, he
advises members on Bills coming before the Branches.

Tel   - 01624 685500
Fax  - 01624 685504
Post - Clerk of Tynwald's Office,
          Legislative Buildings,
          Finch Road,
          Isle of Man,
          IM1 3PW

The Clerk of the Legislative Council

He also holds the title of Deputy    Clerk of Tynwald, and assists the President in the Legislative Council in organising the council's business.

The Chaplain of the House of Keys

The Chaplain of the House of Keys leads the House in prayers at the beginning of their sittings.