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The President of Tynwald

Tynwald elects a President of Tynwald once every five years.

The current President of Tynwald is Stephen Charles Rodan MLC who was elected in July 2016.

The Role

The President of Tynwald presides over Tynwald when it sits in Douglas, and also in the Council.  

They are responsible for order and the conduct of business in Tynwald and Council, and are elected by the members of Tynwald from amongst their own number. 

The Presidential term is five years. Prior to 1990, the Lieutenant Governor presided over Tynwald and, before 1980 over the Legislative Council.  Since 1990 the Council has elected its own President.

Presidents of Tynwald Year
Hon Stephen Charles Rodan BSc (Hons), MRPharmS, MLC 2016 -
Hon Clare Christian, BSc 2011 - 2016
Hon Noel Q Cringle, MLC 2000 - 2011
Hon Sir Charles Kerruish, OBE, LLD, CP, MLC 1990 - 2000
His Excellency Lieutenant Governor pre 1990